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Capital Stack LLC has been in the electronic payments industry for over a decade. We service thousands of merchants Nationwide. Our success has primarily been as an inside sales organization. We are currently expanding our efforts to the street level and welcome you aboard to our team as we continue to build our company to new and exciting heights.

Our management's experience and cumulative knowledge in providing payment processing services to merchants give us the ability to effectively identify, evaluate and manage the payment processing needs and risks that are unique to small business.

According to The Nielson Report's 2001 annual ranking of the top card processing companies, we are a part of one of the finest growing providers of card-based payment processing services in the United States.

Capital Stack LLC is partnered with the largest players in the industry including:

  • Lipman USA
  • Verifone
  • Hypercom
  • CrossCheck
  • Telechek
  • Northern Leasing Systems
  • Valutec
  • First Data

Capital Stack LLC has built a reputation in the industry as having the highest morals, ethics & trust within the electronic payment processing industry and that is something we take much pride in as owners of our company. We intend to build on that reputation and preserve it as well.

We will provide each Sales Partner with the following:

  • The best sales training
  • Sales support
  • Customer support
  • A dedicated agent rep who will be accessible 24/7.
  • Leads distribution
  • Appointments
  • Facilitate credit underwriting issues
  • Terminal downloads
  • POS system reprograms
  • Gift & loyalty card
  • Check services
  • Business cash advance funding.
  • Our staff will do all the heavy lifting with back office issues while you concentrate on bringing in new business.

Capital Stack LLC will also help you keep your clients by providing top of the line customer retention management services. We will periodically contact merchants on your behalf to make sure they’re satisfied with the services and if there are any products they may be in need of, such as gift cards, check services, business cash advance. We will either sell them the product or contact you to have you sell them the product.

Unequaled Merchant Customer Service

Capital Stack LLC is dedicated to providing our referral partners and merchants with the highest quality of customer service and technical support.

Whether you or your merchants have a quick question or need step-by-step assistance with a complex task, Capital Stack LLC is always ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our customer service and technical support departments are staffed completely in-house.

Receive Unparalleled Support

Capital Stack LLC’s Referral and Sales Partners benefit from our high standards of support. You will be provided with a dedicated Relationship Manager, a Sales Manager and a support team who will ensure that you receive the resources you need to close more accounts and maintain your portfolio.

You will also have access to free nationwide training, online applications and Capital Stack LLC’s CRM Account Tracking and Profit System, an online account management tool that will allow you to monitor your portfolio, view company announcements and communicate directly with Capital Stack LLC’s various departments.

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